Please note that each service listed is tailored to the client’s need.  Initial consultation appointments are available free of charge.  Click here to schedule an interview/consultation.


Sports Management & Business Consulting

  • Individual Talent Management – Brand consulting, media/marketing, career management assistance to select entrepreneurs as they matriculate in the industry and strive to excel in their craft.
  • High School Athletics (NCAA Eligibility) – Providing advisory services to high school students with a desire to play at the next level in their respective sport.

Community Outreach

  • Youth Sporting Events – Creative planning, production, and hosting of special events dedicated to educating, mentoring, and inspiring youth through sports.
  • Charitable Causes & Organizations – Assisting/Volunteering with community-based organizations in planning and execution of social events, program initiatives, and media launches to support various causes (ex. youth education, poverty, health etc.)