Ep. 2 | Rap or Go to the League?

All these Rappers can Hoop! Some of these Hoopers can Rap too!  Shannon Nichele gets some game from hometown friends Joseph Summers and Trey Williams as they discuss common stereotypes of the black man that exist in our society.


  • Intro – Who’s your Top 5?
  • 21:07 – A Black Man’s Path to Success
    • Stripper Mentality
    • Coming Back to the Hood
  • 31:30 – Money Moves vs. A College Education
    • How fast athletes/rappers blow their first bag.
    • Can you be successful without Higher Learning? Is there an advantage to getting a Degree?
    • Trapped in a Contract
  • 43:45 – Black Men with Privilege
    • Fighting Stereotypes
    • Talent w/ Money is still Talent
  • 47:00 – Changing the Narrative
  • 52:20 – Game Round – 4th Quarter
  • Outro – Loyal to the Soil by Dame D.O.L.L.A. feat Lil Wayne  https://music.apple.com/us/album/loyal-to-the-soil-feat-lil-wayne/1161670907?i=1161671195

Thank You to our special guests!!!

Trey Williams –  Sports Journalist & Blogger
Joseph Summers – Rapper

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Directed & Produced by Damani Givens | Created & Hosted by Shannon Nichele