Ep. 1 | The Biggest Cartel

From Grassroots Basketball to the League, the NCAA has had a major influence on our student athletes.  Tune in as we get into the good, bad, and ugly behind the biggest cartel with sports journalist Trey Williams and former athlete Andrea Jones.


  • Intro – Rules, Scandals, & Paying Students
  • 20:20 – Is the NCAA showing cartel behavior?
    • 26:00 The Game – Sneaker Deals & Unsung Athletes
    • 30:05 What about the Women?
  • 35:15 – Family Business: Are parents forcing it?
    • 38:00 NBA Celebrities
    • 42:00 The Big Baller Brand Hustle
    • 45:35 Injuries & Pressure Points
  • 55:30 Game Round – 5 Seconds Trivia
  • Outro – NCAA by 2Chainz https://music.apple.com/us/album/ncaa/1454470237?i=1454470482

Thank You to our special guests!!!

Trey Williams –  Sports Journalist & Blogger

Andrea Jones – Retired Athlete (Basketball)

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Instagram: @shann.sports @dreabeflexxn @livingnthe90s @damanigivens

Twitter: @rulestothegame_

Directed & Produced by Damani Givens | Created & Hosted by Shannon Nichele

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