The Leax Brand: A simple & sleek look for Summer 2017!

Less is more this summer when you shop online at this trendy e-commerce site.  Leax Brand LLC was founded by two dynamic young entrepreneurs early this year, and has been catching dope waves ever since!  The company is based in Los Angeles, California; and has sold merchandise to young women across the United States.  I absolutely LOVE the website structure because it’s user-friendly, has legible manuscript, and uses a class color scheme to set the tone on the Home Page.  Check out some of our favorites!


Leax offers classic items such as uniquely designed swimsuits, custom jewelry, clothing, and 100% handmade mink eyelashes.  This tropical high-waist bikini is definitely one of the hottest looks of the Summer!  It’s colorful, fun, and comfortable for my ladies to walk the beach or jump in the pool.  ** Made out of Terylene, which is known for its lightness and crease resistant material. **


Another trendy swimsuit piece is the Orange high-waist bikini with a unique snake skin pattern on the bottoms.  This look is very subtle and un-revealing, yet it still has a classy sex appeal.  I love it for all ages!  ** Made out of Spandex & Polyester to embody a stretchy, durable, and chemical resistant fabric. **

One of the highest selling fashion items from Leax is the all black, laced-up leggings. These neutral colored pants are stretchy and comfortable for a long night out with the girls or a casual date with your significant other.  As expected, the #LeaxGirls kill this look with a simple black crop to compliment the lace design and a classic pump.

Support Leax Brand LLC today and support this Woman-Owned Business! Use code “LEAX” on the website ( to get 25% off ALL ITEMS.  #DopeWomen #DopeFashion

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Follow Leax Brand on Instagram: @shopleax now to get the latest updates.


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