Candace-Parker.jpgAre you ready?  The WNBA has tapped into a new wave by becoming more active on social media and has created a platform that girls of all ages look up to in sports.  #WatchMeWork is a social media marketing campaign that was launched in 2016, the WNBA’s 20th annual season.  The theme of this promotion is to build up enthusiasm for women’s basketball and really show the world how hard these ladies work to chase their dreams as professional athletes.  The 2016 league champs, Los Angeles Sparks, kicked off the new season with the first home game of WNBA Tip-Off (by Verizon) against the Seattle Storm.

Check out this video below and meet some of the best athletes of the WNBA who played a role in winning the 2016 U.S. Olympics Basketball tournament!


mystics0514_001I’m excited to see where the Washington Mystics will land in the Playoffs this season with Elle Delle Donne joining the roster.  Los Angeles is more than likely to keep their momentum as they have the largest target on their back as the defending champs.  Skylar Diggins is more hungry than ever to secure a championship this year for the Dallas Wings!  And of course I wouldn’t mind seeing the legend Angel McCoughtry make Atlanta’s Dream a reality.    The 2017 WNBA Season will run from May 13th through September 3rd.  Tune in to see who is going to be this year’s WNBA League champions!

ESPN Broadcast Schedule – WNBA Games

May 13 (Saturday), 5 PM ET — Seattle @ Los Angeles (ESPN)
May 18 (Thursday), 7 PM ET — Minnesota @ New York (ESPN2)4505478
May 23 (Tuesday), 8 PM ET — Connecticut @ Minnesota (ESPN2)
May 30 (Tuesday), 7 PM ET — Los Angeles @ New York (ESPN2)
June 6 (Tuesday), 8 PM ET — Washington @ Dallas (ESPN2)
June 13 (Tuesday), 10 PM ET — Dallas @ Los Angeles (ESPN2)
June 23 (Friday), 8 PM ET — Washington @ Minnesota (ESPN2)
June 29 (Thursday), 8 PM ET — Seattle @ Connecticut (ESPN2)
July 6 (Thursday), 8 PM ET — Los Angeles @ Minnesota (ESPN2)
July 18 (Tuesday), 9 PM ET — Chicago @ Seattle (ESPN2)
July 22 (Saturday), 3:30 PM ET — WNBA All-Star Game 2017(ABC)
July 25 (Tuesday), 8 PM ET — New York @ Minnesota (ESPN2)
August 3 (Thursday), 8 PM ET — Atlanta @ Minnesota (ESPN2)
August 10 (Thursday), 8 PM ET — Phoenix @ Dallas (ESPN2)
August 16 (Wednesday), 7 PM ET — Los Angeles @ Washington (ESPN2)
August 24 (Thursday), 9 PM ET — Los Angeles @ Phoenix (ESPN2)
August 27 (Sunday), 7 PM ET — Minnesota @ Los Angeles (ESPN2)

(source: http://www.wnba.com/news/wnba-2017-season-schedule-official-release/)

*These professional photos are not products of HHH Media.*

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