Beautiful Girls & Beat Faces 👄💄

Personally, I’m always looking like I have just finished working a 12 hour night shift. Most days I really could care less about my hair and I’m the happiest girl in the world with my sweatpants, tank-top, and favorite pair of Nike sliders on.  But I could never deny that feeling when you look in the mirror after a fresh BEAT and feel like a human barbie doll.  Maintaining ones health, hair, and beauty has a positive impact on many young women across the world.  Even my smile gets a little brighter when I look in the mirror after a styling/makeup session.

I absolutely cannot wait to collaborate this young lady for Hoops & High HeelFullSizeRender_8s Inc.’s “Class of 2017” photoshoot.  As a new organization, we cannot wait to showcase our first group of graduating members this Summer.  Thank you ReNia for sharing your talent with us!

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Remember! “A dope woman is not all about being perfect or looking perfect.  Being dope is about embracing your flaws, chasing your dreams, and learning how to be your own kind of Beautiful along the way.”  -LoveShann

Check out some of my favorite looks by Ms. ReNia Scales, graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, below!



(Click the collage above to see more of her work and book your next appointment.)

*None of the photos in this article were taken by HHH Media.*


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