Rules To The Game is an urban conscious Sports & Entertainment podcast hosted by Shannon Nichele – an Entrepreneur and Sports Management Professional from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She shares her different perspectives on “The Game” with listeners through an open dialogue that challenges the dichotomy between business, politics, and more in today’s sports industry grind.  New episodes drop every week. 

Let’s Get Into It!!!


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Episode 1 – The Biggest Cartel: NCAA

Episode 2 – Rap or Go to the League?

Episode 3 – Twelve Rounds: Behind the Gloves

Episode 4 – From Player to Coach

Episode 5 – Breaking the Glass: The WNBA

Episode 6 – Competitive By Nature

Episode 7 – Who Runs The World?

Episode 8 – A Monster’s Mindset

Episode 9 – The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F$$$

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